What is design to sell?

Design to sell, takes the mystery out of planning, writing, and creating your own newsletters, postcards, tip sheets, and other marketing materials.

Marketers, designers, and readers have praised design to sell for the way it makes design accessible to all.

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Brilliant Simplicity!

Barry Harrigan,
Marketing strategist, Ziff Davis Media

What you get

CHAPTER 1: Using design to gain a competitive edge

  • How design helps you gain a visual edge
  • What design is, and what design isn't
  • 8 critical tasks design must perform
  • Advantages of cultivating your own skills
  • Familiarizing yourself with the tools of design

CHAPTER 11: Using newsletters and tip sheets to promote your expertise

  • Choosing the right newsletter format and frequency
  • Newsletter page architecture
  • Planning and design tips
  • Choosing title and content
  • Preparing a yearly Editorial Calendar
  • Working with templates
  • Using tip sheet to reinforce the impact of your newsletter


Roger C. Parker's design to sell table of contents

If you're a design to sell readerteacher, or trainer, use the bonus content to maximize the book's value. (If you're still undecided about buying it, you can download two sample chapters here.)

Although Design to Sell's lessons provide step-by-step assistance to Microsoft Publisher users, the book's design and marketing strategies can be used to create an effective marketing platform using any page layout software program.

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Chapter 1:
Using Design to Gain a Competitive Edge

Chapter 2:
Planning Your Way to Design Success

Chapter 3:
Principles of Design Success

Chapter 4:
Crafting Messages That Clients and Prospects Will Want To Read

Chapter 5:
Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher

Chapter 6:
Creating a Foundation for Design Success

Chapter 7:
Building Design Excellence Into Every Page

Chapter 8:
Taking Your Design Success to the Next Level

Chapter 9:
Distributing Error-Free Messages in Print and Online

Chapter 10:
Promoting Your Business with Postcards

Chapter 11:
Using Newsletters and Tip Sheets to Promote Your Expertise

Chapter 12:
Profiting from Small Ads

Chapter 13:
Reviewing the 10 Most Common Design Errors

Chapter 14:
Developing a Plan for Your Marketing Communications

Bonus categories

These permit you, and your students, to evaluate their comprehension of the contents in each chapter. These are ideal for "before and after" comparisons.

These contain examples of completed projects, often based on Design to Sell's ideas and templates.

Teaching aids
Teaching aids include examples and project suggestions.

Resources include recommended books and websites.

This page offers easy access to all of the templates included in Design to Sell, plus additional designs.

Worksheets take the time out of identifying your goals and priorities, so you can immediately get down to work.

Special Bonuses

Discover the 7 Graphic Design Essentials

Introduction to Mind Mapping for Writers and Marketers

Get a head start on all of your writing and marketing projects!

  • Illustrated, 4-page Special Report
  • What mind mapping is, and how to get started
  • 3 steps to success
  • 4 ways to put maps to work
  • 8 valuable tips
  • Glossary of mapping terms
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